At Cabins For Schools, we have a range of bespoke outdoor classrooms and log cabins designed to be multi-functional and to the specifications that your school needs. There are so many possibilities! Here are some of the most popular uses for outdoor classrooms and log cabins for schools…


ELSA sessions

More and more schools are opting to create additional space for ELSA sessions. Asfordby Hill Primary School use one of the rooms in their Cabins for Schools partitioned Outdoor Eco Classroom as a safe, calming space for ELSA. The children can relax and feel comfortable to open up with their school ELSA away from the main school build or the traditional classroom. The school also uses their space for lego therapy, intervention, music tuition and meetings when ELSA support isn’t taking place.

asfordby hill primary outdoor classroom

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Reading Nook 

Our outdoor classrooms are the perfect addition to any school. More space means more room for inspiring young minds! Many of the schools who have already chosen Cabins For Schools to upgrade their outdoor space have opted to create cosy spaces for their students to settle down to read. Fill your cabin or outdoor classroom with books, beanbags and bunting and watch your students’ eagerness to read skyrocket! These reading nooks are a great place for children who don’t enjoy the busy playground. It gives them the ideal place to escape to at break time. Whether you need a small reading nook or a spacious one, Cabins For Schools can design and fit an outdoor eco cabin that works for your staff and students.

reading nook in classroom log cabin at Morven school by cabin for schools
Morven Park Primary School‘s incredible reading nook designed, manufactured and fitted by Cabins For Schools

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Music Room

Not all cabins must be quiet! Sometimes, your school may need a space which allows for the freedom to be noisy without disturbing the rest of the school. An outdoor eco classroom used as a music room is the perfect solution. Detached from the main school building, your students will have the opportunity to embrace the music. Give them somewhere to make as much noise as they need to explore their creativity and musicality, without disturbing other lessons going on. 

At Langar C of E school, we helped to create a designated space for magical music lessons. Whether drums, recorders or flutes, their students can now play to their hearts’ content without distraction or disturbance. 

Children with teacher playing the recorder inside an room with white walls

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Forest School /Bushcraft

Forest school and bushcraft lessons are becoming increasingly popular among schools looking to diversify their curriculum and get their students outside in nature. With benefits to physical health, mental health and educational attainment, we are proud advocates for forest school! With Cabins For Schools, you can give your students the perfect spot for outdoor learning. Why should forest school have to stop for the weather? With a cabin, your school can deliver outdoor education all year round. Whether you choose a cabin with a solar pipe to let the natural light flood in, or BBQ cabin equipped for teaching students about fire safety and cooking, we can help you to cultivate the perfect forest school space! 

students learning fire safety in bbq log cabin

Springfield SEND School chose Cabins for Schools to create an accessible forest school cabin so that their wheelchair users could participate in outdoor learning all year round.


Art Room

Many indoor classrooms can be uninspiring; they’re functional spaces. Your school can break the mould and provide your students with a space that stimulates their senses, encourages creativity and sparks imagination! Your students’ artwork will never be the same again. In an outdoor classroom, we can design the space with creativity in mind. Give your students that natural lighting and the sounds of nature and watch their work flourish! Detached from the main school building, your outdoor art room will be a quieter spot to allow for concentration and full immersion into the arts.

art room in log cabin


Office/Staff Room

Have you taken on more staff and need more office or staff room space? Perhaps you need more space for admin, meetings with parents or team talks now your school has expanded?  We have the solution for you! We design, manufacture and install spacious, bright and airy office spaces, just like this one we fit for The Priory Primary School. Give your staff the space they deserve!


Breakout Room/ Intervention Space

Give your students a quiet, comfortable and unintimidating space that’s detached from the main school building. Some students benefit from alternative spaces where they can have a break from the demands of the classroom. A place for students to regulate their emotions is beneficial to any school. Furthermore, our cabins are perfect for small group work. Although they can be tailored to accommodate various class sizes, many schools use their cabins to accommodate smaller groups of students for those that struggle to engage in larger classrooms. These smaller group sessions encourage active participation and better peer-to-peer and student-teacher interactions. 

Check out our wellness cabin for George Spencer Academy.

students in small group work at george spencer academy cabins for schools log cabin


Breakfast Club/After School Club

You can have a dedicated space for students attending your school’s breakfast or after school club. Increase your capacity to support more working parents and give students a special place away from the standard classroom or hall. 

Feeling inspired by our most popular uses for outdoor classrooms and log cabins for schools? Choose Cabins For Schools and upgrade your space TODAY.