The Happy Homestead Eco Nursery & Forest School Cabin

The Happy Homestead Eco Nursery & Forest School is set in 1.5 acres of meadow on the outskirts of Scunthorpe, catering for children from birth to 5 who love to be outdoors! The children spend all day playing outdoors surrounded by nature on the one and a half acre plot...sounds amazing! We caught up with Wayne & the team recently to see how they're getting on since having their Cabins For Schools cabin fitted...
What were your reasons for looking into additional outdoor buildings at your school?
"On a typical day, the children will grow vegetables & help practitioners prepare healthy snacks with them. They will learn about animal care by looking after our chickens and ducks & the children will also be taught how to be respectful of nature by planting trees and wildflowers as well as building habitats for bugs and insects. Children here are free to roam our gardens, build dens, dig up and ‘cook’ mud in the mud kitchen, splash in puddles and ride bikes around our winding paths. We play outside in all weathers so we were looking for a timber classroom to be incorporated into this; something spacious & unique and in-keeping with our 'eco' ethos. We like to share our activity ideas so that parents & carers can do them with their children at home using natural and recycled materials. We also encourage families make small changes to their routine that can help protect the environment. For example, reducing waste or growing vegetables at home." 
What have the children's & staff's reactions been to the cabin?
"Everyone here loves it - practitioners, staff, children &'s the centrepiece of our setting. Our indoor environment is small and cosy but still wonderfully engaging for the children. We use the lodge so the children can take a break from their busy day. Inside, children have the same access to resources as they do outside, they can read books, role play in the play kitchen, paint or play with trains."
Why did you choose Cabins For Schools over other companies?
"We want to inspire families to spend quality time outdoors together. We hope to offer many opportunities for families to join in with learning at the setting. For example, family barbecues, camping, yoga and bush craft skills. For us, it was the visit to the Show Site which helped us make our decision - we fell in love with the cabins immediately & new it was the perfect choice for us. We needed a cabin large enough for 18 children with the option to add a toilet & washroom, which were able to do with Cabins For Schools."
What was your experience with the design process & installation? 
"It all ran very smoothly...the whole team involved were extremely helpful, especially as we provided the concrete base & I had some concerns around whether our finish would be good enough for them to work with. After chatting it through with the design team & installations and being provided with a base plan, though, so this was resolved with ease. The installation team were brilliant - very professional lads, friendly & we were so impressed with how fast the build went up!"
How was your experience with Cabins For Schools overall?
"It was a really smooth process, from our initial enquiry to the actual fitting of the cabin. We would 100% recommend Cabins For Schools to anyone looking for timber buildings for their school or nursery."
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Find out more about The Happy Homestead here: find them on Instagram: @the_happy_homestead_