Multifunctional cabins for schools: Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm Case Study.   Here at Cabins For Schools, we were delighted when Nanny Sharon’s Alpaca Farm wanted to upgrade their farm offerings with our BBQ Cabins. We caught up with the team to find out more about their experience after having their cabins fitted… 


Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm




The initial concept of the farm began as a dream for husband and wife team, Dave and Sharon. Sharon suffered a cardiac arrest in 2017 and everything changed overnight. Sharon sustained a hypoxic brain injury and the doctors were unsure if she would pull through. But she did. Dave took on the role to rehabilitate Sharon and began building the foundation of the farm as it is today. They spent time outdoors in nature and around animals, and this helped them to process such a life-changing event. It also spurred Dave on to find ways in which he could help others in the local community.

In 2022, Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm became a registered Community Interest Company, operating as a non-profit organisation. The farm offers a range of benefits for visitors, including: companionship, improved motor skills, an enhanced mood, reduced stress/anxiety, and increased movement.


Firstly, what were your reasons for looking into additional outdoor buildings for your farm?

“Firstly, we wanted a suitable indoor space to use during our animal interaction sessions which could accommodate our disabled visitors. Here at the farm, it’s very important to us that we are accessible to everyone, to ensure everyone can enjoy our farm’s benefits. Secondly, with the typical British weather, we wanted some additional outdoor buildings so that our experience could continue to run through rain or shine, giving both children and parents a wonderful experience.”


How have you integrated the BBQ cabins into your business & how has having them improved your visitor experience? 

  “We integrated the BBQ cabins by using them as nice, warm meeting places for families and friends to come together after our alpaca walks. Also, we are able to bring some of the smaller animals inside the cabins which is a joy for all! Our BBQ cabins provide a great space to sit and chat as a lovely end to a brilliant experience." "Additionally, the cabins have been perfect for a special space to either hire out or hold events of our own, like our Santa’s grotto experience. We decorated the BBQ cabins and provided that cosy feeling of the magic of Christmas time, which children absolutely adored! Everyone who enters our cabins is blown away. We receive so many comments about how fantastic they are.”      


Finally, would you recommend Cabins For Schools to other businesses and schools?


“Of course! We always recommend our cabins to our visitors who are interested in buying one for themselves. We had an excellent experience throughout the whole process. It was simple and straightforward from design to installation. The Cabins For Schools team is very professional. We’re so pleased with the results.”



    Multifunctional cabins for schools: Nanny Sharon's Alpaca Farm. Check out more of our case studies here.