Moorgate Primary Academy's Forest School Log Cabin

Moorgate Primary Academy, part of the Staffordshire University Academies Trust, is located in the heart of the community of The Leys in Tamworth. They wanted to develop their Forest School provisions and chose Cabins for Schools to support their mission.  Their vision: 'Achieve, Challenge, Enjoy' is certainly made all the more possible with their new Log Cabin!  

We caught up with Headteacher Jonathan Williams to discuss the journey and outcome...


What were your reasons for getting a Log Cabin?

“Firstly, we wanted to develop our forest schools provision. Initially, we had started out with a fire, bug hotels and tool stations, but what we were really missing was an outdoor classroom within our forest school area and a storage area as well. We wanted to provide some wow-factor for the children! It was important for us to be able to provide forest school all year long so having a cabin makes that possible."

How has the Log Cabin benefitted your school? 

"Engagement and attitude to learning has really improved. The children look forward to forest school! At the end of every session, we sit around and discuss what skills the children have developed and the circular design of the building allows them to sit in a circle together and communicate effectively. They really feel safe in there and feel safe to share."

What sessions/activities do you use it for?

"We have different groups out here for forest school, such as whole classes as well as our nurture group which supports children with EHCPs and children with SEND. We also come out here for geography and science; we do bug-hunting, as well as PSHE and team-working activities. The children absolutely love it. We even used the cabin for a free onsite residential stay. We organised a 'lad's night in' and a 'girl's night in' because some of our children wouldn't otherwise be able to attend paid residential stays. They were able to experience camping and sitting around the campfire!'"

What was your experience like with Cabins for Schools?

"When we were searching for companies that could deliver what we wanted, Cabins for Schools was one of the first ones that we visited. We loved the design of the cabin we received; it gave us that real wow-factor. The communication that we had when we were gathering quotes was brilliant, in terms of the design that we wanted, any modifications that we wanted and the reasons for it, Anne-Marie really got it and got what we wanted."


We also spoke with Moorgate Primary Academy's Pastoral Early Help Lead who told us all about how she uses the cabin and the benefits it has had on the children...

"I bring a nurture group of mixed-ages out into forest school. It’s child-led, so for example if a child has had a particularly bad day then it’s fine for them to take a book and go and read inside the cabin and regulate themselves. It’s about helping children be in nature, get fresh air, regulate their emotions if they need to, work together, risk assess, communicate, and build their confidence." 

"In the classroom, you might get the quieter ones, children with SEND that may struggle with their learning. However, when the children are out here, they’re all equal. They're all learning new skills that none of them have ever done before. We do tool work as well with saws and axes and the sense of achievement they get is just lovely. You see a different side to the children out here than what you do in the classroom, they really ‘come out of their shells’. It gives them a massive boost of confidence which they can then take back into the classroom."

"Having the cabin is amazing and I see real results. I use scaling: the Leuven Scale. So, after each session I rank individuals and measure them looking at a table and their scores improve after the sessions out here. We love having the cabin because we can come out here all year round and in all weathers."


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