School Shelters, Gazebos and Canopies

Cabins for Schools design and install School Shelters, Gazebos and Canopies ideal for a multitude of uses. With a timber shelter or gazebo building, schools can embrace the natural world and offer outdoor learning opportunities with quality shelter from the weather. Whether protection from the rain or a place which provides shade in the sunny months, a school shelter or gazebo is a multifunctional asset to any playground or playing field. Many schools also choose to use their shelters or gazebos to create covered seating areas for outdoor dining at lunchtimes or for parent waiting shelters. Our structures are perfect for all varieties of educational institutions and cater for all age-groups. Where there is a need for shelter or additional space, a shelter or a gazebo is a quick and cost-effective solution.  

School Shelters, Gazebos and Canopies –

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School Shelters, Gazebos and Canopies


What is a school canopy/what is a school gazebo?

A school shelter, canopy or gazebo is an additional structure designed to create covered areas for shade or protection from the rain and other weathers. These school structures also provide multifunctional additional space which can be used for anything from outdoor learning activities or outdoor play to using the shelter as covered dining areas.

Which educational institutions could benefit from a shelter, gazebo/canopy?

All varieties of educational settings can benefit from a Cabins for Schools outdoor shelter! From early years nursery settings, primary schools all the way to higher educational institutions, an outdoor sheltered area can provide additional learning or activity space. Shelters, gazebos and canopies are also great for providing a covered area for visitors. They are multifunctional structures.

Are school shelters sustainable?

At Cabins for Schools, all of the timber we use to manufacture our school buildings and school structures is sourced from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers. The FSC is a global organisation which aims to ensure the chain of custody of all timber products and that the sourcing forests are properly managed to ensure sustainability. Essentially, more trees are planted than those that are used. The PEFC is the largest forest certification system with around 220 million hectares of  certified forests. Their aims are also focused on the sustainability of timber supply and conducting it in an environmentally friendly way.

school shelter hexagonal or school gazebo or school canopy for outdoor learning

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