Bird Hides

Cabins for Schools designs, manufactures and installs Bird Hides (also typically referred to as Birdwatch Huts or Nature Watch huts) for schools and nurseries. Bird Hides provide educational institutions with additional opportunities for outdoor learning and developing children's connections to nature and wildlife. These timber structures make a great addition to forest schools as well as educational settings looking to develop their outdoor provisions.

Some children might not have access to gardens at home and may otherwise have limited opportunities to connect with wildlife and nature. When children are normally out playing in the playground or on the fields at school, they are probably playing games or engaged in other activities and missing the joys that wildlife can bring. Having a bird hide or a nature watch hut on your school or nursery grounds provides young people with the ideal space to be mindful and enjoy the natural world, to stop to appreciate animals that they might not otherwise notice. This really helps children to build and develop an understanding and an appreciation for the world around them. Our bird hides are manufactured by hand using traditional methods with FSC/PEFC accredited sustainable timber.

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